VIRUNGA GORILLA NEWS: Fasha Saved from a Snare

Fasha is a seven year old female who lives in Isaburku’s group.  Like all gorillas her age, Fasha enjoys eating, playing with her sisters, and a nice nap in the sun.  But Fasha’s story almost had a very different ending.
When she was three years old, her life was saved by our trackers who found her caught in a snare. Because of our 365 day a year presence checking on each and every gorilla under our care, Fasha survived.  After Fasha was caught in the snare, we captured this photo of her and her sister, Iycoro, wrapped in a big hug while her family looked on.
On this #Giving Tuesday Now, can you help us ensure that our trackers can remain in the forest EVERY SINGLE DAY protecting individuals like Fasha?  And even more good news — between now and May 5th all donations are matched up to $20,000. That means that your dollar goes farther! $10 becomes $20, $20 becomes $40, $40 becomes $80.

On behalf of Fasha and her family, thank you for helping to ensure them a future!

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